Marketing with Black Swan

Black Swan marketing campaigns are priced on an individual basis, We work closely with each client every step of the way. We always start by asking questions, getting to know our clients and learning about their books in details give the book a better chance of success and Black Swan a better chance of meeting client expectations.

We start by talking, discussing the title, the market and your expectations as publisher. What are you hoping to achieve? Marketing doesn’t have to cost a publisher money, but it will cost someone in time, where you have skills use them. Black Swan can help you identify where you have gaps and can help fill in that lack of visibility. We like to work hand in hand with publishers because we recognise that no one will want to sell your book more than you.

After our discussions with you, together, we will identify the services that you need to give your release the best possible chance of success.

We like to look at the big picture and create a unique plan.

At the outset we like to ask lot of questions. The more we talk to our clients, listen and learn about them and their books the more we can help. The art of conversation can often get lost within emails and 140 characters these days. In short, we love to chat, and if it’s over tea and biscuits or coffee and cake, so much the better.

The best promotional campaigns have time on their side.

The longer we have the better. So if you are working towards a release in twelve months time, or even longer, it can never be too soon to spare a thought as to how you will promote your book beyond release.

During the course of our meetings we will determine the best path for your book and we’ll map out a timeline based on the targets we have set together. These may be on the high street or they may be online.

Black Swan wholeheartedly recommends an online presence of some sort. At the very least, make social networking a platform where you can reach out to make new connections and where you can easily be found. The most important thing with any online activity is to engage with people, be welcoming and approachable.

  • campaign planning and scheduling
  • all aspects of design
  • advertisements
  • Signet UK book trade mailout
  • managing social media campaigns
  • direct mail shots
  • website design (hosting and management also available)
  • blog set-up (management also available)
  • book trailers
  • marketing materials
  • fundraising campaign, set-up and management